We try our best to go beyond so-so.
You know you like it.

Our Background

USONICIG,a brand operated and managed by Shenzhen Xiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangyuan Tech). Xiangyuan Tech was established in 2014, a professional company engaged in researching and developing e-cigarettes and low temperature cigarettes technology, advocating‘Innovation is our mission’as its corporate culture. Aiming to develop superior products and bring better vaping experience to the consumers.


Through several years’development, Xiang Yuan Tech has made great progress in its own research and development, product design, supplier control, OEM manufacturing management, market development and other aspects, taking a lead in vaping industry with its comprehensive strenth .


Xiangyuan Tech is dedicated to the research and development of vaping equipments, having applied and been authorized hundreds of patents and inventions in the vaping field. Xiangyuan Tech has made a big breakthrough in ultrasonic vaping technology and applying it to a new generation of vaping products, which brings a brand new vaping experience to the customers.


Who We Are

USONICIG builts its passionate group based on the concept ‘Ultrasonic Vape, Smooth Taste’.


We surpass the limit of traditional vaping technology, motivating ourselves to find out the new way which can benefit our consumers. Ultrasonic Vaping Technology, which changes E-liquid to vapor by ultra-high frequency vibration at 2400000 hits per second, can keep the original, pure and smooth taste. Moreover, this technology let you stay away from harmful substances produced by heating or burning. This is the new vaping technology we bring to you.


We do more than simply using our patented ‘Ultrasonic vaping technology’. Every amazing idea that change your vaping life is fired by fun trifles. Inspired by music, sports, even toys from your childhood and so on, we endow our design with vitality. We enjoy every second in creating products such as you love your each puff.


We try our best to go beyond so-so.

You know you like it.


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